Are ‘No-Fuss’ Cremations for Expats…

Right for Families?

There’s been a significant rise in expats pre-planning Direct to Cremations.   

For some it’s driven by cost, for others it’s a culture shift fuelled by changed behaviour towards death and funerals during the Covid pandemic.   

If you’re considering a Direct to Cremation for your final journey, there are a few things to look into, and warnings from experts worth thinking about. 

What Is a Direct to Cremation Plan?

A Direct to Cremation Plan for expats is a basic funeral plan for an unattended cremation in Spain. It’s a ‘no-fuss’ option where the cremation takes place without mourners present.  The body is typically collected within a few hours and taken away to be cremated. 

The process happens very quickly, and as a result there is no time for the family to make any changes once the plan has been enacted.   

After the cremation, the ashes will be returned directly to the family. 

Then, if loved ones wish, they can arrange and pay for their own send-off at a preferred time and place… without the need of keeping to tradition.   

Not for everyone of course, but for some, it’s the right choice. 

But… Is It Right for You? 

A low-cost funeral looks good on the bank balance, but remember, you’re not buying this plan for yourself, it’s for you family. Make sure your plan is the best choice for your family in the future.  Consider which plan will best support the people you love in those distressing hours and days after your death.   

For some, a funeral plan is put in place to create precious time for family to grieve in a way that comforts them.

A Direct to Cremation, especially here in Spain, happens so quickly, that time is removed. There are no conversations to be had with the Funeral Director.  No options for changing details of the plan. Within a few short hours it’s done and dusted.  

Families Left in a Spin 

Funeral directors have reported incidents where families of expats find the speed of a Direct Cremation to contradict their needs in those moments. Rushing through the process to ‘get it over and done with’ isn’t always the right choice for loved ones left behind.   

The question to ask yourself when deciding whether you want a ‘no-fuss’ cremation, or another funeral plan that allows more time for your family is… What will my family benefit from most?  Will they need time to process and think slowly? Or will a quicker streamlined sendoff be best for them?

Someone Who’s Been Through It 

Like most important decisions in life, especially something as emotional as funeral planning, it’s best to chat with someone who knows all the right questions to ask. 

The good news is, Avalon Funeral Plans have a team of experts based in Spain that can help you come to the best decision for you and your family. 

Their team understand the complex Spanish funeral system and have decades of experience helping expats.  With their wide range of plans, including everything from Direct to Cremation all the way to a full repatriation and traditional burial in the UK, Avalon have plans for whatever you decide is best for your family.   

Simply select your age below: 

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Needing a funeral of some form is unavoidable.   

Speak to our experts to choose a plan that is best for you… and them. 

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